Plastic periodontology

Periodontitis is an inf lammation and infection of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth, and can result in bone and gum loss.
Plastic periodontology goes beyond treating periodontitis as an illness; instead it aims at reestablishing gum symmetry through cosmetic and surgical methods.

  • Cosmetic periodontology reconstructs the gingival margin (emergence profile). Patients rarely inquire about these treatments. Model construction and photographic documentation are forensically indispensable. Mucogingival disorders in advanced stages with an initial attachment scenario involving thin bones and gingival phenotype II with delicate gingiva, a low level of vascularization and a high percentage of elastic fiber should be handled palliatively.
  • Functional deficits: In the case of slight dehiscences (e.g. frenulum), mucogingival damage is corrected by dissection, laser separation or free mucosal graft (Fig. 2 and 3). If required, a second step is performed involving a coronal tissue reposition, which can be additionally reinforced by free connective tissue (volumes).
  • Cosmetic disorders: Recessions are best corrected by coronal flap advancement (Fig. 4 and 5). An alternative that avoids the tensioned flap preparations is the tunnel technique combined with a semilunar incision of the mobilized bridge flap to the coronal advancement.
The development of allogeneic or alloplastic materials as bone replacement materials (Cerasorb, Maxresorb) and collagen membranes (Mucoderm) is ever more frequently replacing bone harvesting and/or connective tissue grafts.
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