Periodontitis treatment

HELBO! The most modern therapy for periodontitis!
You have received the diagnosis that you have periodontitis - what exactly are the indications of this disease?
Bacteria and the poisons they produce lead to inflammation of gum tissue and destruction of jaw bone substance.
During this process, the teeth increasingly lose more attachment and eventually fall out. Typical, unpleasant attendant symptoms of periodontitis may include, e.g. bad breath, red or bleeding gums and, in many cases, painful gums as well as unattractive plaque on the teeth. What can be done?

How does anti-microbial photodynamic therapy (aPDT) work?
The first step is a professional cleaning of the gum tissues and periodontal pockets to remove both the soft and hard plaque as well as to reduce the total bacterial count. In the second step, a blue-colored solution is applied to the gum tissues and periodontal pockets.
This solution is a so-called photosensitizer, which means a dye that reacts to a certain wavelength of laser light.
The dye molecules attach themselves to the bacterial membrane so that the bacteria are visibly colored.

Subsequent to this, a gentle therapy laser light is applied. The laser light leads to the formation of active oxygen that damages the bacterial membrane and thereby destroys the bacteria.
In many cases, this simple and rapid therapy preempts the need to utilize antibiotics or implement surgical interventions. Application of the photosensitizer temporarily colors the teeth and soft tissue areas blue. This discoloration is harmless and disappears by itself within hours. However, the effect remains: In just a few minutes, the therapy reliably and sustainably reduces the count of disease-causing bacteria so that the natural balance is reestablished. This is proven by clinical studies.

The result:
The tooth pockets are rapidly repopulated with a healthy flora. Inflammations quickly subside. Within mere days, the results of the treatment can be felt and seen by you.
Lasting treatment success is guaranteed by adherence to proper dental hygiene and periodic dental examinations.
The laser-controlled, photodynamic therapy is pain-free and has no side effects! Scientifically proven: the number of bacteria is reduced by 99% without usage of antibiotics!

We will gladly share more information with you regarding periodontitis during a personal consultation. .
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